Mystic Isle Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Breeding Sound, Healthy Ridgebacks with Quality You Can See

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Marking Our Territory

Mystic Isle's Mission

My name is John Arvin and I’ve been owned by Ridgebacks since 1985. I began exhibiting Ridgebacks At AKC shows in 1986; the same year I became a member of RRCUS — the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of The United States. The primary goal of Mystic Isle is to breed sound and healthy Ridgebacks that are within the conformation standards outlined in the AKC breed standard for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I’ve bred a limited number of litters, preferring instead to gauge the quality of my breeding over time. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed a great deal of success in the show ring throughout the years and on the lure coursing field as well. The average time in between litters has been around eighteen months.


My greatest joy in breeding Ridgebacks has come from meeting all the wonderful owners I’ve been fortunate enough to have buy puppies from me over the years.